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The promotion of Peru’s culture in Canada over the past four years has increased substantially in order to let Canadians know more about the ancient Peruvian history and its important cultural heritage and diversity.

Considering this scenario, the Embassy of Peru in Canada is implementing a plan of cultural activities to rescue the image of Peruvian culture, starting from the tradition such as courses and seminars of Peruvian reality and present, through art and photography exhibitions and Peruvian films screenings.

Participation of the Peruvian film "Magellan" at the Latin American Film Festival Ottawa.

Another area of interest that it’s been actively developed by this Embassy is Peruvian gastronomy. As it is well known, in recent years, Peruvian cuisine has become a factor of reaffirmation of our national identity, revaluation of popular local food and rescue of typical agricultural and fishery products. But perhaps, the most interesting fact of Peruvian gastronomy could be its impact on development issues and social integration.