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Legal framework of bilateral relations

Canada and Peru diplomatic relation was officially established on October 21st 1944, when the first Canadian Ambassador to our country, Jean- Francois Léon Henri Laureys, presented his credentials.

At a legal level , diplomatic relations between both countries are regulated by several and important bilateral instruments, and also by agreements signed within the regional or multilateral forums in which both countries are part and actively participate: United Nations (UN ) , the Organization of American States (OAS), Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC ), among others.

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Importance of Peru in Canadian foreign policy

Peru has a special importance in Canadian foreign policy, with a prominent role played by Canada in the socio- economic growth of Peru, depending on the flow of Canadian capital to mining, services and growing trade.

It should be highlighted also the affinity of values and objectives underlying the international actions of both countries, especially those linked to the defense of the universal recognition of human rights, the strengthening of democracy and good governance as a guarantee of international peace and support for multilateralism as the best scenario to solve global challenges that the international community face in terms of security, environment, natural disasters, among others.

These principles and values have determined that Peru and Canada can find in all multilateral forums in which they are part, such as the United Nations Organization (UN), The Organization of American States (OAS) or the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), an excellent scenario for the planning and development of proposals on various issues of importance of the multilateral agenda, such as democracy, fight against terrorism and transnational organized crime, peacekeeping operations, anti - personnel landmines, climate change, etc.

In economic and commercial matters it is important to highlight the perseverance and increase of Canadian investment, making Canada one of the most important investors in the mining sector, with an active participation in social development projects for the benefit of our rural communities, in the context of corporate social responsibility policies.

It should be noted also the special approach of the two countries, which has remained after Peru supported the intention of Canada to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), in 2012. Also, during 2015, Peru has maintained its continued support to achieve more active and strong participation of Canada as an observer in the Pacific Alliance, in accordance with its particular interest in this issue expressed by Canada in 2013. In this regard, during 2015, the Embassy participated in activities organized in Ottawa and other Canadian cities with the embassies of the other three full members of the Pacific Alliance in Canada and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada. It should be noted that the participation of Peru and Canada in both blocks offers great potential for coordination of the policies of economic projection of both countries towards other regions, particularly Asia - Pacific