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On behalf of the Embassy of Peru in Canada we offer you the most cordial welcome and we invite you to explore our website. Here you will find useful information regarding different aspects of our country, Peru, and the activities that we share with Canada.

The aim of this website is to provide information to Peruvians, Canadians and citizens from other parts of the world, with interest in our country. We hope that our web page can contribute in the strengthening of the valuable relation that Canada and Peru maintain, encouraging cooperation and understanding between our citizens.

In my capacity as a Head of Mission of the Embassy of Peru in Canada that began in November 2015, I welcome you all through this website that contains interesting facts about bilateral relations with Canada, in terms of policies in political, economic, commercial and consular affairs, and important information, for Peruvian and Canadian citizens, that can help find answers to their inquiries.

The main objective of this website is to spread the excellent bilateral relation that has developed in recent years between our countries in the framework of a fluid and constructive dialogue in government circles and in the business community in Canada, aiming to continue to be a strategic partner to Canada, for its economic stability with principles and values that support our foreign policy such as respect and promotion of human rights, sustainable management of renewable natural resources and the strengthening of democracy, as well as the fight against poverty and corporate social responsibility as a mirror of Canadian values and principles.

Hereby I extend my greetings and commitment to continue working, alongside with the members of my team, for the wellbeing of the Peruvian citizens living in this country and also to continue to offer Canadians, friends of Peru, the information required for their daily work.


Minister - Carlos Gil de Montes Molinari

Deputy Head of Mission

Cristian Córdova Bocanegra


Bruno Iriarte Noriega


Rocío Menéndez Peñaloza

Second Secretary
Chief of the Consular Section 

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